ExodyPlus™ is an extra service of Exody Soon-to-Expire Domains that provides a popularity value for Daily Deactivated and Soon-to-Expire domains. The value gives a relative indication of how popular the domain is on the web. Many domains registered years ago had very popular content and the owner operators of these sites promoted the placement of links on other sites pointing back to their sites. Over the course of time many of these very popular sites simply vanashed because of various reasons and that left thousands of links pointing to expiring domains. If one registers a previously used domain with lots of links, he may find a ready made traffic flow of visitors. It's like a traffic multiplier. Some of these names are not readyly picked out from the millions of names expiring and that's were ExodyPlus comes in. We provide a relative value that will guide you to very possible high traffic names. Not all these names pan out and you must continue to do the research on each name before investing in services to chase these names. The fee for ExodyPlus is $15 per month due at the same time as your normal Exody Subscription of $35. To continue ExodyPlus remit a payment of $50 each month. ExodyPlus includes a web page with all the current files. We checked all the On-hold names and continue to check the new daily deactivations so all is covered. You may start your ExodyPlus service by emailing and ask to be placed on ExodyPlus. If your normal subscription is due within a few days we'll place you on the service and ask that you renew the service upon your next renewal date.

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