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I am an exody plus subscriber with the username xxxxxx and I was wondering if I could get access to the feature on your site labeled Complete Whois on all .info .biz and .us?
My IP address is: xx.xxx.xxx.42
Thanks very much for your excellent services! Your data is truly amazing and so helpful!
Thanks a lot and it's a great, great service, thanks
The expired domain searches work great since you did the modifications to display real time. Appreciate your hard work and quick attention to this matter. :)
Thank you for spending time on the phone with me today. I'm sure to be your customer for a log time. I could tell in 15 minutes with you over the phone, that you are the absolute authority for this information, and I have been a qualified Unix guru for over 20 years. Feel free to use this testimonial anywhere you like.
Any idea when the search capabilities will be available for hyphenless?
wow... thats what I call support ;), thanks a lot
Note: Dear Exody please renew my account with you, I'm very happy to be one of your customers!! Cheers
Thanks for checking on those names.. You were right...they were only a few minutes away from going...You're the greatest :)
You probably have the most up-to-date service of expiring domains on the web. Thanks!! Here's my question. So far, we customers need to login to our account and then to access the pages in order to get to the data. Would it be possible for you to introduce an e-mailing service such that we can subscribe to a given feature, say the on-hold domains, and as soon as your database is updated, the machine sends out the data to clients? Right now, I usually log-on to your site twice a day and copy and paste the data, which is sometimes a bit time-consuming. So, obviously an email service would be great :) -= ANSWER =- We already have an email service... We can email any file on our web site on any hour of the day or when ready updated. Just let me know which files you wish and when you want them. Also we can ftp the files to your server.
Please upgrade my account to Exody Plus
Can you reactivate the subscription for ____@________.no? We paid with paypal 15 minutes or so, and I would love it if you could reactivate the account ASAP. Thanks for your great services.
I've signed up with you. What a great domainlist-system. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXODY ROCKS! Ref: RealTimeDaygo
That is awesome... there are sure to be some GEMS in here =] Many thanks for your OUTSTANDING services!!!
Greetings from Ankara, Turkey. I wish you and your family a merry christmas and a great new year. Thanks for the great Exody service and best of luck with your business in 2002.
Just a note to say how exodyplus kicked butt today! I snapped up a bunch of nice names before most of the competition.
"good work dwayne......your the best!!simply the best!"
"maybe you could put a space between the exody the "=" and the Value? This can help when importing to excel."
"If so, I'll be a subscriber! :)"
"Thanks for the info. This would save me a lot of bandwidth..."
"How fast do you check the names? I mean do you check them right when they get put on hold or only drop lists or both?"
"Well thanks for giving me permission."
"Thanks for the info, please sign me up for Exody Plus today, and can i pay the additional fee at the same time when i will renew my account ?"
"Yup. I wasn't sure if I needed to make a comment about it. (You know, like "unsubscribe" in responding to spam.) May I subscribe?"_____@dotster.com
"I have received your e-mail about exody plus, can you please update my account to plus? I will send the payment for this month and next months through any payment method you will prefer but I will appreciate if you can update my account right away. Thanks a lot!"
"among your so tech minded geeky ways, do you have a list of register.com expired?"
"BWAHAHAHA!!!!!! go.exody go.yodex etc all show thousands of links in msn ROFL"
"Thank you for your help. (Especially since I know that I will continue to have questions in order to fully utilize your service--which I think is great, by the way!)"
"love the new lists!!"
"This would save me a ton of time and effort and maybee beat the pros once and a while to seeing the link rich names first."
"Your service has been recommended to me by other users."
"Your stats are a bit screwy. You have your domain set to expire in the soon to expire list. That is a classic :) Did you do it on purpose or is Verisign trying to tell you something???"
" These people are using your lists. Click on that link to search for "exody" in their listing system."
"Looks like KIYI.COM is back in the zone and heading your way already. NSI actually fixed something? WOW!"
"I dont doubt your service one bit. It's awesome."
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